John Bosco House
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John Bosco House Services
Designed for males ages 16 through 21, our program provide shelter, food, clothing, and case management. The program is voluntary and totally free of charge for those without a job. The only requirements are a willingness to work on one's life, respect the dignity and rights of others, and strict adherence to the guidelines of the program. Youth are welcomed from all of Central New York.

All residents work with the JBH case manager to develop an individual service plan with short and long-term goals. With an emphasis on Body, Mind and Spirit, most youth continue on in school, obtain employment, or both. The Independent Living Skills and Life Steps instruction are hallmarks of the programs and includes the essential training techniques for everyday living.

Life Skills
  •  Money 
  •  Food Management
  •  Health 
  •  Personal Appearance
  •  Job Seeking
  •  Legal Skills
  •  Emergency / Safety Skills
  •  Transportation
  •  Housing & Housekeeping
  •  Community resources
  •  Interpersonal Skills
  •  Educational Planning

 Life Steps
  •  The ABCs of Emotional Intelligence 
  •  Knowing Who You Are 
  •  Taking Charge 
  •  Bouncing Back 
  •  Empathy, Caring and Compassion 
  •  Creative Problem Solving 
  •  Building Character 
  •  Respect 
  •  Responsibility 
  •  Developing Healthy Relationships 
  •  Doing Your Best 

Each youth works closely with staff on his case management. Appropriate referrals are made as needed to assist youth with substance abuse, mental health, medical or other personal issues.

We use the TOUCHSTONES Framework for Youth Development as proposed by NYS Office of Children & Family Services. As a Runaway Homeless Youth Shelter, we excel in two of the major LIFE AREAS:

1. Economic Security 

Our goal being, youth will be prepared for eventual economic self-sufficiency, by having the skills , attitudes, and competencies to enter college, the workforce, or other meaningful activities. Our highly respected Independent Living Skills Program serves as the roadmap for this goal.

2. Community

Our goal is to ensure a healthy, safe, thriving environment with adequate housing, provided in our Transitional Independent Living Program. Our home-like setting and "tough love" approach makes this a reality.

The Touchstones framework is organized by six major life areas: Economic Security; Physical and Emotional Health; Education; Citizenship; Family; and Community. Each life area has a set of goals and objectives-representing expectations about the future, and a set of indicators-reflecting the status of children and families. The goals and objectives are integrally related to each other and call for comprehensive strategies to address any single aspect of children and family well-being. The indicators are presented by life area rather than by specific objectives. 

At John Bosco House, we take care to provide our residents high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your referrals, 7 days a week.  Call between 9am and 5pm.  Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including Case Management, Life Skills Training and Mentoring.
If you have any questions concerning our program and services please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff is always ready to help.